The Clinical Psychologist fee is $195.00 per session.

Please note that the rate charged is less than that recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) which is currently $267 per 50 minutes.

Rebates vary depending on the type of clinician (e.g., Registered Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist) and whether you choose private health cover or a Medicare referral.

Private Billing and/or Private Health Fund – $195 Adults

You may present your Receipt for services to your Private Health Fund to receive your eligible rebate amount. It is recommended that you phone your provider to ascertain the level of rebate to expect.

Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) – $55.50 Adult out of pocket cost

All holders of a MHCP obtained through a GP, Psychiatrist can claim a Medicare Rebate of $129.55 for a Clinical Psychologist.

Concession / Bulk Bill


Insurance Claim

Individuals under Workers Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident insurance claims may be eligible for psychological assistance if it is determined that there has been a psychological reaction to an injury. Please contact us directly to discuss insurance based referrals and the associated costs of providing legal reports.

Group Therapy

Costs for group therapy will vary depending on the type of service. More information on this service is available by contacting the practice.

Remote Consultations

Remote telephone and or video (e.g, Skype) consultations are available. The billing as listed applies.